ANAHEIM, CALIF. — Betatene natural mixed carotenoids now are self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in food and beverage applications, Cognis announced at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition, which ended Tuesday in Anaheim. Betatene is safe for use in baked, egg and dairy products; gelatins and puddings; processed fruits and juices; processed vegetables and juices; snacks; soups; fats and oils; meal replacements; and medical foods.

Products with Betatene may be allowed to say natural beta-carotene on the ingredient list. The products may be labeled natural and safe source of vitamin A, rich source or excellent source of vitamin A; helps maintain healthy immune system, or helps maintain healthy skin.

Cognis at its I.F.T. booth featured a color spectrum of deep reds to clear yellow to show the range of options possible with Betatene.