All North American plants for Lallemand, Montreal, now are equipped in such a way that they may produce yeasts that make baked foods leavened with the yeasts naturally richer in vitamin D content at no extra cost for bakeries. The patent-pending process converts the sterols in the yeast to vitamin D while allowing the yeast to keep its leavening and flavor contributions intact.

For example, in formulas using 1% Lallemand/Instaferm dry yeast, 3% Lallemand/Eagle compressed yeast or 5% Lallemand/American cream yeast, 100 grams of bread or baked foods will provide 25 International Units (I.U.s) of vitamin D, or 6.25% of the recommended daily intake.

Lallemand also offers VitaD Plus instant dried yeast, which contains higher levels of vitamin D. The addition of VitaD Plus yeast has been shown to make baked foods an excellent source of vitamin D.

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