Barry Callebaut, which has a U.S. office in Chicago, has launched Chocolate Masters, a line of ready-made chocolate decorations. While ideal for chefs and chocolatiers, food manufacturers also may use the decorations to add a finishing touch to products in post-production stage, according to Barry Callebaut.

Barry Callebaut uses dark, milk, white and marbled chocolate in the decorations. The product line includes shavings, blossoms, cups, truffle shells, shapes and pencils.

"The new Chocolate Masters products were designed for chocolate professionals who are looking to bring their creative culinary ideas to life with an added touch of chocolate," said Jerome Landrieu, pastry chef and director of the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago. "In developing these decorations, we consulted with professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers from around the world to come up with a line of versatile ready-made products that could be used in a number of applications, whether it’s topping a tartlet with chocolate blossoms or serving up a creamy custard in a chocolate cup."

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