ST. LOUIS — The Solae Co. L.L.C. has introduced Fibrim 1270, a soy fiber ingredient for tortillas and flat bread. Fibrim 1270 has been shown to increase yield, extend shelf life, enhance blending and binding during the manufacturing process, improve performance in the microwave, increase freeze thaw stability, control water activity and reduce stickiness and tortilla cracking and hardening.

A blend of insoluble fiber, soluble fiber and protein, Fibrim 1270 has no impact on flavor, according to St. Louis-based Solae.

"We believe our soy fiber, specifically Fibrim 1270 from Solae, is a functional, economical and nutritional solution for food manufacturers of tortillas and flat breads," said Michele Fite, vice-president of global strategy and marketing — Solae. "Fibrim 1270 can produce significant overall formulation cost savings when added to standard tortilla recipes."