ST. LOUIS — ICL Performance Products LP has added two new grades of leavening acids that have been shown to work in the formulation of low-sodium baked foods. Levona Allegro has a reaction rate near SAPP (sodium acid pyrophosphate) 40. Levona Mezzo is similar to SAPP 26 in reaction rate.

The two new grades join Levona Opus and Levona Brio in the company’s Levona line. Levona Brio is a faster grade of leavening acid than Levona Opus. The new Levona Allegro is a faster leavening acid than Levona Brio. Levona Mezzo is a grade between Levona Opus and Levona Brio.

“Like other varieties of Levona, Levona Allegro and Levona Mezzo don’t add to the overall sodium content of baked goods, and they provide added calcium for additional health benefits,” said Barbara Heidolph, ICL Performance Products technical service principal – food ingredients. “The entire Levona family of leavening acids can be used to incorporate healthy messaging without sacrificing flavor, volume, texture or convenience.”