BEER SHEVA, ISRAEL — The new Lyc-O-Mega 10AL provides omega-3 fatty acids in baked foods and confection items and is free from fish odor, according to Israel-based LycoRed, Ltd. The ingredient is produced from docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) algae oil instead of fish oil. P.L. Thomas, Morristown, N.J., distributes the ingredient in the United States.

“We succeeded in creating a unique omega-3 formula thanks to our proprietary microencapsulation technology,” said Udi Alroy, vice-president of global marketing and sales for LycoRed. “It provides all the health benefits of omega-3 that is derived from a fish source, with a perfect bland taste for a wide range of applications.”

Trials have been conducted in chocolates, crackers and bread fortified with Lyc-O-Mega 10AL. A 5-gram chocolate tablet, for example, contained 5 mg of DHA.