CHASKA, MINN. — Flav-R-Grain PBE may offer cost savings to manufacturers of products that use peanut and peanut-based ingredients, according to Chaska-based QualiTech. The stabilized corn germ adds a nutty, whole grain flavor to products. It has dietary fiber and may emulate fried/toasted applications.

“Flav-R-Grain can be used for bread, cookies, bars, cereals, baked goods and more, or it can be blended with peanut flour to extend usage and give a cost savings,” said Kristy Ruhland, a food scientist at QualiTech.

Peanut butter manufacturers have announced price increases this year because of the rising cost of peanuts. The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Oct. 12 estimated 2011 U.S. peanut production at 3,628 million lbs, down 13% from 4,157 million lbs last year.