CHICAGO – Barry Callebaut North America now produces a no-added-sugar chocolate with stevia extracts on an industrial scale. The chocolate may be used in such applications as molding, enrobing and inclusions. It has no artificial sweeteners and does not have a laxative effect, according to Chicago-based Barry Callebaut North America. It may be labeled as no-sugar-added dark chocolate in the U.S. market.

“We believe we have achieved the right balance of chocolate flavor impact and sweetness,” Barry Callebaut said. “Sugar has been replaced completely by a high-fiber, all-natural ingredient blend resulting in less calories than sugar-based alternatives.”

The company also now offers 100% dairy-free chocolate that offers the same color and taste of milk chocolate, according to the company. Developed from a rice powder ingredient, the chocolate is designed for people suffering from milk allergies or those who are lactose intolerant.

“Our technical and R.&D. teams have dedicated substantial resources to (launch) a great-tasting and high-quality dairy-free ‘milk chocolate’ for our customers to incorporate in a wide variety of applications,” Barry Callebaut North America said.