WAGENINGEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Researchers from Wageningen University used whey protein in making gluten-free bread in a study appearing on-line March 16 in the Journal of Cereal Science. Whey protein particles were prepared by cold gelation of soluble whey protein aggregates during phase separation.

The addition of a 2.4% whey protein particle suspension to wheat starch resulted in a dough that was able to be baked into leavened bread with a specific volume up to 3.7 ml/gram and a bubble size comparable with normal bread.

The researchers used “mesoscopically structured” whey protein, meaning of a particle size between microscopic and macroscopic.

“The relevance for structuring the whey protein into mesoscopic particles was confirmed by tests in which only a homogenous whey protein gel or a whey protein solution was used,” the researchers said. “The protein particle system gave better results after proving and baking compared with these systems.”