COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Danisco has introduced PinVita phytosterols derived from pine that lower the level of unfavorable L.D.L. cholesterol in blood and reduce cholesterol absorption. They have been shown to work in such applications as dairy products, bakery products, fats and oils, and dietary supplements.

“It is well-documented that lowering L.D.L. cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular health conditions,” said Peter Wisler, business development director for Danisco Health & Nutrition. “With PinVita, we provide an ingredient that helps reduce that risk, and it is therefore no exaggeration to state that PinVita comes with ‘science at heart.’”

PinVita comes in free and esterified formats. It has little impact on the taste, texture and appearance of the final consumer product, according to Copenhagen-based Danisco. The company will showcase PinVita at Vitafoods Europe May 10-12 in Geneva.

“The fact that these plant sterols are suitable for allergen- and GMO-free products broadens their usability for large population groups and regional preferences,” Mr. Wisler said.