CLOSTER, N.J. — American Key Food Products has added arrowroot starch and native pea starch to its ingredient line.

“As consumers increasingly choose foods with simple, natural ingredients on the label, AKFP continues to offer more native starches that may replace modified starches or simply offer new natural ingredient options,” said Mel Festejo, chief operating officer at Closter-based AKFP.

Native pea starch has a neutral taste and color and shows stability in high temperature cooking and under variances in pH levels, according to AKFP.

“Native pea starch is a great alternative in foods such as meat and seafood products like surimi, and aseptic soups and sauces,” said Philippe Benyair, vice-president of sales. “Its good water binding and gel formation characteristics also make it useful in dairy products and bakery fillings.”

Arrowroot starch has been shown to work as a thickener for acidic foods such as sweet and sour sauces. It makes clear and smooth gels and is useful in gluten-free baking.