NEW ORLEANS — Palsgaard A/S has introduced ingredient systems into the North American market that may assist in the creation of products with simple labels, also known as clean labels. The Palsgaard Extrulce range of emulsifier and stabilizer systems is designed for ice cream, and the Palsgaard SA 6600 activated powder cake emulsifier is designed for baked foods.

The Palsgaard Extrulce 304 contains one additive and ensures a creamy, full-bodied ice cream with stand-up properties, heat shock stability and slow melting, according to the company.

“Palsgaard Extrulce 304 consists of one additive, mono- and diglycerides, and one other ingredient, vegetable fiber,” said Hanne Ludvigsen, product manager, ice cream and dairy group, Palsgaard A/S. “As an ingredient, vegetable fiber is very much accepted by health-conscious consumers.”

Extrulce 304 joins Extrulce 303, which contains mono- and diglycerides and guar gum. Palsgaard introduced the Extrulce range in Europe in 2010 and is promoting the range in New Orleans at the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and food exposition, which ends Tuesday.

The Palsgaard SA 6600 contains one emulsifier and one food carrier, which simplifies labeling. Other cake emulsifier systems may contain four or more different types of emulsifiers and just as many carrier materials, according to Paalsgard. The SA 6600 in a cake formulation makes it possible to replace hardened fats with vegetable oils, according to Palsgaard. Potential applications include Swiss rolls, cupcakes, muffins and other cake products with a high fat content.

Palsgaard is based in Juelsminde, Denmark, and has a U.S. office in Morris Plains, N.J. At I.F.T., Palsgaard is at booth No. 5952.