VIBY, DENMARK — Arla Foods Ingredients has extended its line of Nutrilac brand ingredients with the introduction of a protein that works as an alternative to gums and starches in the manufacture of cream cheese that is used in cheesecakes, stuffed fillings and other fresh products.

“We have received requests from a number of markets, where retailers focus increasingly on food products with cleaner labels,” said Claus Andersen, cheese application group manager. “Our milk protein is a closer-to-nature ingredient for addition along with cream, butter or vegetable oils for fast cream cheese production using only a batch cooker and homogenizer.”

The company said it has developed the ingredient solution to work with its optimized cream cheese process, which enables a reduction production time from 20 hours to approximately 20 minutes. The ingredient provides water-binding functionality that bake-stable cream cheese requires, including the tolerate temperatures in excess of 212 degrees F without bubbling or experiencing a reduction in viscosity.

“The final cream cheese is creamy and tasty,” Mr. Andersen said. “Due to its easy adjustability, our protein can ensure a product that matches regional preferences, for instance for cheesecake fillings, pastry stuffings and ready meal sauces.”