ERLANGER, KY. — Wild Flavors Inc. has commercialized a line of taste modifiers and sweetness enhancers for use with stevia extracts. The modifiers and enhancers may be labeled as “natural flavors.” The line allows for a reduction of up to 30% of nutrient sweeteners, which reduces costs.

“Flavor enhancers are utilized to round out the sweetness profile while eliminating the off-notes,” said Greg Horn, senior director of sweetener technology for Erlanger-based Wild Flavors.

Specifically, Wild Flavors has developed a sweet taste modifier that works well with Reb A 60, a stevia extract that is not as expensive as Reb A 95. Wild Flavors used a trained sensory panel during efforts to match Reb A 95 with Reb A 60 plus the taste modifiers. The results of the panel showed no significant taste preference between the two beverages tested.