NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. — Jungbunzlauer has started producing and supplying lactic acid and salts. The portfolio contains food and technical grades of lactic acid in concentrations from 50% to 90%, including heat-stable variants as well as 60% food grade sodium lactate and potassium lactate.

Potential applications within the food industry include baked foods, beverages, meat products, confectionery items, dairy products, salads, dressings and ready meals. Lactic acid typically serves as either a pH regulator or as a preservative, and it may be used as a flavoring agent.

Produced in Jungbunzlauer’s plant in Marckolsheim, France, the company’s lactics are made by fermentation of natural, non-bioengineered carbohydrates. Jungbunzlauer also produces citric acid and gluconic acid obtained by fermentation.

“As a sustainable and responsible leader in naturally produced ingredients, we see a strong fit of lactics that speak to our top industry standards,” said Peter Luck, director sales.

Swiss-based Jungbunzlauer has a U.S. office in Newton Centre.