SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. – NutraCea has launched RiBran DF commercially. A low oil content version of stabilized rice bran, RiBran DF is effective in a number of food applications, including its use in batters and coatings for fried foods where it reduces oil pickup in frying by as much as 30% while maintaining flavor and texture, according to Scottsdale-based NutraCea.

RiBran DF is gluten-free and non-allergenic, according to the company, and it offers a long shelf life and a mild flavor profile. It may be used as an ingredient in pizza dough and other yeast-raised products where it functions as an accelerant to speed up the fermentation process. Other applications include acting as a dietary fiber source in finished foods, acting as a thickener for sauces and gravies, and acting as an additive for processed meats.

“We are excited to be launching RiBran DF in commercial channels,” said W. John Short, chief executive officer of NutraCea. “We have done extensive testing and are in various stages of applications development with several major food companies. Results to date have been very positive.”