BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation has launched the Novation Indulge 3340 texture system. The clean label/simple label system delivers an indulgent, thick and creamy, gelled texture, when desired, in cultured dairy products, according to the company.

Novation Indulge 3340 enables manufacturers to produce a range of healthy and indulgent dairy products on conventional stirred yogurt equipment while possibly reducing production time and costs. The company used the system to create samples of fromage frais (a cheese) with lucuma fruit and coconut topping that were offered during the 2012 Engredea trade show March 9-11 in Anaheim, Calif.

“Consumers are increasingly gravitating toward natural, clean label products across all food and beverage categories, especially dairy where natural is innate to the source,” said Leaslie Carr, marketing manager with National Starch Food Innovation, based in Bridgewater and a business unit of Corn Products International. “Novation Indulge 3340 texture system is a unique solution for manufacturers looking to reduce fat and calories to provide consumers with clean label, healthier alternatives that deliver the same taste and texture profiles they expect from traditional indulgent dairy products.”

Besides being used in indulgent dairy desserts, Novation Indulge 3340 may be used in fermented dairy products such as yogurt and sour cream where it is desired to increase the gel strength and firmness of final products while providing clean melt-away and fat-like texture characteristics, according to the company. The system is resistant to high temperature, high shear and low pH, and it also is characterized as having cold temperature stability and providing a smooth, creamy texture.

Corn Products International, Westchester, Ill., acquired National Starch Food Innovation in 2010. Corn Products International intends to change its name to Ingredion, which is pending shareholder approve at an annual meeting in May of this year.