OMAHA — ConAgra Mills has introduced Ultragrain High Performance (HP), a new flour ConAgra said offers “unprecedented whole wheat baking advantages like vital wheat gluten reduction, higher absorption and improved mixing performance resulting in lower finished goods costs for bakeries.” Ultragrain HP is currently available only for commercial bakeries that can accept bulk shipments.

“Continuing to build on the strengths and innovation of Ultragrain, ConAgra Mills now is able to offer the baking industry the opportunity to reduce the cost of their whole wheat breads and increase operational flexibility while providing their customers with the white flour appeal of Ultragrain,” said Bill Stoufer, president of ConAgra Mills. “Our new Ultragrain HP flour has phenomenal gluten strength and is unmatched by any whole wheat flour in the market regardless of the protein level of the comparison flour.

"For example, Ultragrain HP at 12% will provide greater loaf volume than whole wheat flour made from red spring wheat at 14% protein or higher. This is game changing because now, with our High Performance products like Ultragrain HP, flour performance and price are not tied to protein level.”

ConAgra said Ultragrain HP flour is made from Snowmass, a wheat variety grown in Colorado exclusively by farmers who participate in the Ultragrain Premium Program. Snowmass is then ground to Ultragrain’s patented specifications, transforming it into Ultragrain HP whole wheat flour.

Among its attributes, ConAgra said Ultragrain HP reduces added gluten requirements often by 50% or more, absorbs 3% to 4% more than traditional whole wheat and 8% to 12% more than refined flour, has a greater mix tolerance, and makes cleaner labels possible.

“Ultragrain HP is one-of-a-kind whole wheat flour that provides unique performance,” said Glen Weaver, director of research, quality and innovation for ConAgra Mills. “It’s unlike anything the bakery industry has ever worked with before. Ultragrain HP has phenomenal gluten strength and utilizes water more effectively than traditional whole wheat flour, so it has an expanded mixing tolerance and unprecedented rise and volume. Ultragrain HP’s performance is so different that we work directly with customers to help them understand the functional differences that Ultragrain HP provides so that our customers receive the maximum benefit.”