CENTENNIAL, COLO. — Penford Food Ingredients has launched PenTech 8500, a modified potato-based food starch that has been shown to replace casein. Recommended applications include pizza cheese, shredded cheese, sliced cheese and block cheese.

PenTech 8500, which incorporates the company’s PenNovo technology, may reduce the use of rennet casein to 10% in a standard imitation cheese formulation while maintaining melt, stretch and mouth-feel in cheese products, according to Centennial-based Penford Food Ingredients.

“The continued expansion of our casein replacement portfolio is further evidence of Penford Food Ingredients commitment towards creating value-added ingredient solutions for our customers,” said John Randall, president. “Our PenTech 8500 is the latest example of a cost-effective and improved product that can help reduce the effects of rennet casein’s price unpredictability.”