LONDON — ABF Grain Products Ltd. has extended its Kingsmill bread brand with the launch of Kingsmill Oatilicious, a product the company said “combines the goodness of whole grain oats and wheat flour in a delicious loaf.” The launch is being supported by a £1.3 million ($2.1 million) advertising campaign comprising television advertising, in-store activation and promotions and extensive regional sampling.
Each medium slice of the Oatilicious bread has 100 calories, 1.8 grams of fat, 1.4 grams of fiber, 1.3 grams of sugar and 0.41 grams of salt. The bread also contains 0.9 grams of beta glucan in three slices, which is 30% of the suggested daily intake.

“We are confident the launch of Kingsmill Oatilicious will be successful and are encouraged by very positive results in consumer taste testing,” said Michael Harris, marketing controller for Kingsmill. “Oat-led products, combining the goodness of whole grain oats with great taste, are already popular in other categories, but Kingsmill Oatilicious is the first branded loaf of its kind in the bread category.”

Kingsmill said the product’s packaging has been designed to communicate the bread’s top purchase drivers — taste and health. A transparent window will increase visual appeal while an on-pack claim highlights the cholesterol-reducing properties of oats.