MIAMI — The Cereal Bowl has opened its first all-digital restaurant in New Brunswick, N.J. The restaurant, the second franchise opened by the Miami-based company, features four indoor LCD digital menu boards and an integrated POS (point-of-sale) solution with digital customer facing displays and remote login access.

According to the Cereal Bowl, promotional content on all the screens may be controlled from any computer with an Internet connection and valid credentials. Among other things, the digital signage gives the restaurant the ability to easily post local specials and product advertisements, as well as the ability to easily update nutritional content of products.

“We are excited about the opportunities digital signage can provide us,” said Michael Glassman, chief operating officer. “With the digital boards, we now have the ability to make changes to our boards in real time with no additional cost to the store owner. We are also taking advantage of the flexibility of video and animation that brings our menu to life and promotes key products at different day-parts.”