CHICAGO — Vitamin D and its role in baked foods will be the focus of the sixth annual Innovations in Baking Seminar & Reception scheduled for Feb. 27 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown hotel. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the American Society of Baking, which will hold its ASB Baking Tech 2010 conference Feb. 28 to March 3.

The guest speaker at the seminar will be Michael Holick, an expert on vitamin D with more than 30 years of experience.

“Through his research, we know that every human cell type has a receptor for vitamin D,” said Lallemand, the seminar’s sponsor. “Increasing vitamin D intake can treat, prevent, and even reverse a number of common ailments from high blood pressure to back pain; lessen the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis; and prevent infectious diseases, including H1N1.”

Wendy Dahl, assistant professor at the University of Florida, will deliver a presentation titled “Baked Goods: A Good Source of Vitamin D.” Dr. Dahl’s research has focused on issues of nutrient fortification, particularly the diets of vulnerable populations such as the elderly.

Dr. Holick and Dr. Dahl also will participate in a round table discussion led by Dennis Gordon, professor emeritus of North Dakota State University.

The second part of the baking seminar will focus on an update of the North American baking industry.

Jennifer Barnett Fox, senior associate editor for Baking & Snack magazine, will discuss product trends while Jan van Eijk, Ph.D., research director at Lallemand Baking Solutions, and Thomas Serouart, development manager at Lallemand, will present on ingredient developments.

For more information on the seminar visit, call (901) 353-3480, or e-mail