CHICAGO — Cardamom, sweet potato, hibiscus, cupuacu, rose water and Latin are flavors that should gain favor in the U.S. marketplace during 2010, according to Mintel International.

"As the economy recovers, we expect people to continue the trend of eating at home," said Lynn Dornblaser, new products expert at Mintel. "The home cook is becoming more advanced with his or her cooking skills by trying new spices and flavors, as well as preparing everyday items in new ways."

Mintel said consumers will be drawn to cardamom’s strong, unique taste, and the flavor will begin to appear in more than ethnic fare. Sweet potato will draw interest as a functional food because of its dietary fiber, beta carotene and vitamins C and B6.

Hibiscus, which Mintel said is seen commonly in teas, will become a common ingredient in the beverage market, while cupuacu is expected to take hold as the next big superfruit thanks to its high vitamin and antioxidant content.

The final two flavor predictions for 2010 are rose water, which is expected to begin appearing in more ethnic foods, and Latin spices, which are gaining interest in the at-home market.