Taking prebiotic supplements and avoiding a low-calcium intake can have significant effects in modulating body mass index and other body composition changes during puberty, according to a report published in the September issue (Vol. 151, Issue 3) of The Journal of Pediatrics. The report explained a study at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston that involved 100 non-obese adolescents (age 9-13) who took supplements of either 8 grams per day of Beneo Synergy1 or a maltodextrin placebo. Dr.

Orafti Active Food Ingredients, Morris Plains, N.J., provides Beneo Synergy1.

"We have known for a long time the benefits of Beneo oligofructose in enhancing safety and reducing energy intake," said Dr. Anne Franck, executive vice-president of science and technology for Orafti. "This new research study highlights dramatically the benefits of body weight and composition that can be achieved by taking Beneo Synergy1 supplementation in puberty."

In other Orafti news, the company’s new production facility in Chile is operational and supplying prebiotics in powdered and liquid syrup forms to markets in North America and South America.