A breakthrough in milling technology and a proprietary hard white wheat make possible Ultragrain white whole-wheat flour from ConAgra Food Ingredients. The flour combines the nutritional benefits of whole grains with the taste, texture and finished baked qualities of refined flour. Ultragrain flour has lighter color, softer smoother texture and reduced visibility of bran specks compared with conventional whole-grain flours. Phone (800) 537-4819; Web www.conagrafoodingredients.com ?

Eridex erythritol from Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties is an all-natural bulk sweetener that carries only 0.2 Cal per g, making it well-suited for lower net-carb foods. It can be used to reduce calories in new applications or to improve the flavor, digestibility and texture of current reduced-sugar products. When used in combination with intense sweeteners, erythritol improves the flavor profile and adds mouthfeel and body. Phone (877) 650-7080; Web www.eridex.com ?
Briess Malt & Ingredients recently expanded its production capacity for whole-grain nutritive sweeteners. The first to be developed at the new facility, BriesSweet brown rice syrup, was introduced last year. The all-natural production process uses only malt, or other cereal grains, and water to make syrups that add nutritive value and enhance the color, flavor, texture and overall healthy appeal of baked foods, bagels, energy and nutrition bars, granola, cereals and many other foods. Phone (920) 849-7711; Web www.briess.com ?
A new enzyme, Grindamyl POWERSoft from Danisco, produces softer, moister cakes that keep their freshly baked qualities for up to twice as long as standard cake products. As an anti-staling agent, it counteracts dryness and deteriorating eating qualities by slowing starch retrogradation. The new enzyme is the first product range born of Danisco’s partnership with the biotech company Genecor. Phone (913) 764-8100; Web www.danisco.com ?
Isomalt ST from Palatinit provides 1: 1 sugar replacement in a wide range of baked foods as well as a naturally pleasant, sweet taste. Derived from real sugar, Isomalt ST features very low hygroscopicity, providing outstanding shelf life properties in cookies and hard biscuits. With its very low glycemic index of 2, it is well-suited for products for healthconscious consumers, including diabetics. Unlike other polyols, this ingredient does not provide any atypical cooling effect when eaten. Phone (800) 476-6258; Web www.isomalt.com ?
Made by Domino Specialty Ingredients through its patented co-crystallization technology, Envision flavor and texture modifier controls the sweetness of products where the functional properties of sucrose are needed for texture, structure and dispersion without all its sweetness. It also replaces fat solids in fat-reduced products by providing bulking and texturizing properties. The ingredient consists of microsized crystals bound together in a sponge-like structure, which also makes it an ideal fondant for bakery or confectionery products. Phone (800) 446-9763; Web
www.dominospecialtyingredients.com ?
Splenda sucralose from Tate &
Lyle is a no-calorie
sweetener made
from sugar and
tastes like sugar.
It is around 600
times sweeter than sugar, has no calories and is both process and shelf stable. It may be used as a full or partial replacer of nutritive sweeteners in a wide variety of foods. It is available as a dry power in 10-kg packs and as a 25% water concentrate. Phone (800) 526-5728; Web www.tlna.com ?
RAISINS, whole or paste
A popular ingredient when used in whole form, raisins are also available as a paste that contributes viscosity and body in addition to eating quality, texture and flavor depth, according to the California Raisin Marketing Board. The natural sugars and fibers present in raisins slow staling, and the native proprionic acid acts as an all-natural mold inhibitor. The board provides formulation ideas in the “Packaged Foods” section of its Web site. Phone (559) 248-0287; Web www.calraisins.org