CHICAGO — "Better-for-you" foods will be one of the fastest growing food trends during the next decade, according to "A look into the future of eating," a new report from The NPD Group. Other fast-growing food trends will include restaurant meals eaten at home and appetizers eaten as in-home main meals.

NPD said organic is predicted to grow 41%; restaurant meals eaten in-home, up 20%; light/lite/diet/low-calorie labels, up 18%; salty/savory snack foods, up 16%; easy meals, up 16%; appetizers eaten as in-home main meals, up 16; leftovers as end dish foods, up 15%; and fresh as end dish foods, up 14%.

"As the population ages, levels of concern regarding food and nutrition are expected to rise," said Ann Hanson, author of the study and director of product development at NPD. "For this reason, ‘better-for-you’ food options are forecasted to grow strongly over the next 10 years."

Quick-assembly lunch and dinner foods as well as some breakfast foods and side-dish bread will decline the most during the next 10 years.