CHICAGO — Overall most Americans are not overly concerned about the safety of the U.S. food supply, according to research firm The NPD Group.

The research, published in NPD’s Food Safety Monitor, found only 10% of adults are extremely concerned about the safety of U.S. food so far this year. Seventeen per cent of adults said they were very concerned, 29% of adults were somewhat concerned, 31% slightly concerned and 13% were not concerned at all. The numbers all have been relatively the same and constant since NPD began doing research on this food safety question in 2007.

The NPD Group has been asking how concerned Americans are about the safety of the food supply on a bi-weekly basis and said there are fluctuations in the percentages of consumers who are or who are not concerned depending on whether or not there is a food safety issue in the news. But NPD still said it has benchmark information to understand how long it remains of importance to consumers and the overall averages remain relatively constant.