ST. LOUIS — Taste stands out as a principal food choice driver around the world for consumers seeking to manage their weight, according to a weight management consumer research study, conducted for Solae L.L.C. in 11 countries.

Solae studied consumer behavior to better understand motivations and practices in managing weight and their use of foods providing weight management benefits. The study also looked at product attributes important to consumers in selecting foods to support weight management and how consumers view protein in weight management.

The study was based on data collected from 5,300 people in countries in North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

The study found:

?People managing their weight are more interested in satiety-enhanced versions of foods they consume regularly. Results varied by country, but soup, yogurt and breakfast cereal consistently ranked highly.
?Taste was the most important product attribute in 10 out of 11 countries.
?Across all countries, 78% or more rated protein’s ability to sustain energy levels and control hunger as very or somewhat important to them.
?People do not perceive that any one protein source stands out in weight management benefits, but 71% to 93%, depending on the country, agree consuming a balance of animal protein and plant protein is a healthy approach.

"Consumers are increasingly looking for ways to manage their weight through convenient foods and beverages,” said Michele Fite, vice-president of global marketing and strategy – Solae. “As Solae continues to invest in future ingredient innovation, this research helps us identify and better understand opportunities for protein-enhanced foods targeting weight management.

“Our data indicate that today’s consumer understands the important role protein plays in helping manage hunger. As a high-quality, plant-based protein, soy protein can help food manufacturers develop great-tasting, satisfying food products targeting this growing segment.”