WASHINGTON — In a forecast hailed by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack as “good news” for farmers, ranchers and the labor market, the U.S. Department of Agriculture on May 27 forecast agricultural exports in fiscal 2010 at $104.5 billion, up $8 billion from fiscal 2009 and the second highest total ever. Driving the jump were gains in projected exports of oilseeds and products, up $3.4 billion; horticultural products, up $1.9 billion; and livestock, poultry and dairy, up $18.5 billion. Grains and feeds were forecast down $0.3 billion, but volumes were forecast to be up 1.4 million tonnes for wheat, 500,000 tonnes for rice, 1.7 million tonnes for feed grains and 3.6 million tonnes for other feeds and fodder.