CHICAGO — Takeout from restaurants is becoming increasingly important with 57% of consumers saying they purchase takeout once a week or more, according to new research from Technomic.

In addition, 60% of consumers who recently purchased takeout said if they had not purchased takeout they most likely would have made food at home and not bought from elsewhere in the food service sector — proof takeout doesn’t impact dining room traffic.

“In many cases consumers do not view takeout orders as a part of the same consideration set as food purchased to be eaten in the dining room or onsite,” said Joe Pawlak, vice-president at Technomic. “Operators have a real opportunity to gain an advantage if they can respond to consumers’ needs for convenience, accuracy and food quality.”

In addition, 60% of consumers said they are willing to pay more for takeout packaging made with sustainable materials. Nearly half of consumers said their takeout occasion could be ruined by any of several common mishaps — leaking food or liquids, deterioration of food taste or freshness, food that doesn’t stay hot or cold, or missing condiments.