LOUISVILLE, COLO. — More than 29% of people never buy private label cereal, citing taste as the primary reason for not buying it, according to a study of 6,100 participants by Market Force Information, a global customer intelligence solutions company. Of the 71% who said they do purchase private label cereal, the top reasons for buying were price, value and promotions. Also not high on consumers’ private label wish list are snacks like chips and crackers. About one-fifth of respondents said they never purchase private label snacks, with the main reasons being taste, preference for name brand products, quality concerns and brand loyalty. By comparison, only 4% of survey participants said they never purchase private label milk. The survey was conducted in March across the United States and Canada, with about three-quarters of respondents being women and approximately 70% reporting household incomes of more than $50,000 per year.