WASHINGTON — Revisions by the bureau of the Census put 2010 U.S. flour output at 417,396,000 cwts, the third largest on record and up 2,738,000, or 0.7%, from 414,658,000 in the prior year. The new production total was up 1,196,000 from the preliminary based on quarterly reports. Production in 2010 still fell short by 0.9% of the record 421,270,000 in 2000 and was down 0.3% from 418,836,000 in 2007.

The 24-hour capacity in October-December was a fourth-quarter record at 1,545,000 cwts, up from 1,534,000 a year back. Rate of grind over the four quarters of 2010 averaged 88% of six-day capacity, off slightly from 88.1% in 2009. Wheat grind as revised aggregated 901,843,000 bus, up 0.6% from a year back, and millfeed output totaled 6,480,196 tons, a gain of 0.3%. Extraction for the year averaged 77.2%, unchanged from the 2009 record.

While the summary’s upward revision of 1,196,000 from the quarterly numbers was relatively insignificant, individual states and state groupings recorded wide changes. Missouri was up 2,231,000 from the earlier total, while Texas was off 857,000 and Nebraska and Iowa down 541,000. The overall increase also was irregularly distributed among individual quarters. April-June was up 855,000, January-March 213,000 while the third quarter gained only 65,000 and the fourth 63,000.