To replace bakery emulsifiers made from partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) with equally functional ones made without them, Corbion Caravan reengineered its GMS 520 and GMS 540 hydrated emulsifiers, adding them to its Ensemble line of non-PHO choices. “We’ve built on our deep technological understanding and processing knowledge to develop a drop-in replacement that produces even better results,” said Jim Robertson, global product manager, emulsifiers.

Functionality tests conducted with no-time doughs demonstrated that the new emulsifiers improve volume and softness, while maintaining or improving crumb grain and other attributes. While GMS 520 is a 1:1 replacer, GMS 540 lets bakers cut down on dosages, thus saving costs. “Customers can reduce their usage rate up to 30% with GMS 540 and still obtain improvements in dough handling, volume, softness, crumb grain and more,” Mr. Robinson noted.

Corbion Caravan’s GMS hydrated emulsifiers have long been popular for bread, rolls and other baked goods. To get rid of PHO content, the company reworked them using a proprietary blend of base stocks. The new emulsifiers have the handling properties, thermal stability and fatty acid content of their PHO-derived counterparts. Intended for use on a drop-in basis, they help avoid reformulation hurdles and operational disruptions. The reinvented emulsifiers will help bakers move away from PHOs when FDA terminates their GRAS status in June 2018.

Through its website, the company offers a white paper that explains how to meet FDA’s ban on PHOs in foods and respond to consumer demands for better-for-you products. It describes the bread category’s shopper segments and what ingredients and/or claims attract the best attention.

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