La Petite Bretonne offers popular “mini” product lines like Micro Croissants and Mini Choco buns.

For La Petite Bretonne, it’s the little things in life that provides the bakery’s big opportunities. Its popular “mini” product line fits multiple eating occasions throughout the day. Specifically, the Canadian company’s value-priced, mini-croissants target children and families on many fronts — as a light morning treat, an afternoon snack or even as a substitute for a dinner roll.

Since it began producing mini-croissants in 1999, the family-owned business has invested millions in building an 86,000-square-foot nut- and peanut-free facility. Today, the bakery has capacity to produce more than 300 million of its signature Micro Croissants annually for sale in Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. However, the company offers much more.

La Petite Bretonne’s branded repertoire includes popular Mini Choco buns that may be microwaved for breakfast, served as a snack or as a dessert or grilled over a campfire just like a marshmallow. Other miniature pastries include MicrOmega croissants doused with flaxseed that provide omega-3 health benefits, a mini cinnamon-filled bun that’s a sibling of the Mini Choco, and smaller dinner rolls. This year, the company reintroduced its square Croissant Sliders for appetizers and finger sandwiches. The bakery also sells larger, more traditional-sized chocolate chip-filled croissants, offered in an economical 6-count tray pack.

To succeed in today’s market, companies like La Petite Bretonne know they need to add innovation and excitement to capture consumers’ imagination.