In a Harvard Law Review article titled “10 Tactics for Launching a Product Using Social Media,” Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, a Boston-based marketing consultancy, suggested using social media platforms to support the main launch tactic, rather than being the main event, and to expand consumers’ emotional connections to foods and brands specifically.

In 2013, Hostess, Kansas City, MO, used social media to promote the comeback of Twinkies and cupcakes. The company updated its Facebook page daily and had tremendous response. In a three-week period during the campaign, the Hostess page received close to 440,000 likes. The site boosted anticipation for the return of the beloved snack cakes and created demand for the treats when they appeared in stores for sale. 

Ms. Schneider, coauthor of The New Launch Plan: 152 Tips, Tactics and Trends from the Most Memorable New Products, also discussed using bloggers to help launch a product. Bloggers are key influencers, and their followers will likely sample recommended products. Recipe blog posts are also a great vehicle for appetizing food photography.

“Some of our most creative and engaging connections are food and lifestyle bloggers who are true brand ambassadors,” said Michelle Hunt, vice-president of marketing, Dave's Killer Bread. “They create recipes around their favorite Dave’s Killer Bread products and write about aspects of the brand story that inspire them.”