AB Mauri North America (Booth No. 9919) will take IBIE visitors on a virtual journey through the world of baking.

Experience baking like you’ve never seen it before at AB Mauri North America’s booth, No. 9919, in IBIE’s Central Hall. You’ll get an impressive virtual reality (VR) experience that tells the story of the wonderful world of baking, from yeast propagation and mixing to baking and beyond.

“Strap on a set of VR goggles and be prepared to be astounded throughout this immersive journey,” said Rick Oleshak, vice-president, marketing, AB Mauri North America, St. Louis, inviting visitors to the company’s booth.

AB Mauri chose an 11-year-old girl, “Hannah,” to tell the story of baking to her classmates. “We looked at various ways to narrate this almost four-minute long account,” Mr. Oleshak explained, “and chose to look at baking with fresh eyes and the sense of wonderment that’s special to a child. It also relates to experiences we’ve all had with show-and-tell in our grade school classrooms. It looks ahead to the future and ends with ‘Hannah’ and her classmates enjoying baked foods she made with her grandmother.”

“We want to establish that AB Mauri is a company that thinks differently,” he continued. “We chose to present our story by using technology that’s very current among tech-savvy consumers.” The VR experience allows the viewer total immersion, with a full 360° view of every scene.

“This is a great opportunity to show why the baking industry is so special and to tell the story to everyone from company managers to plant operators, marketers and salespeople,” Mr. Oleshak said.

AB Mauri North America, a baking technology company specializing in bakers yeast and bakery ingredients, brings its team to IBIE 2016 to inspire booth visitors to become truly “passionate about baking.” Along with the VR experience, the company will sample four different artisan breads made with its new Aromaferm line of time-saving cereal ferments. It also will feature a documentary on its collaboration with customers and sweet treats from Lia Weber, winner of TLC’s “Next Great Baker” Season 4, cake artist and owner of Made. by Lia, St. Louis.

On Monday, Oct. 10, the company plans to kick off an upcoming celebration of the 150th anniversary of its iconic Fleischmann’s Yeast brand.