Belt lifters on conveyors allow line operators to quickly and easily access lines for cleaning and sanitation.

Today’s bakers are expected to meet demands of making more products in less time, and they’re often tasking themselves with developing the next big baked good or snack item. To that end, many bakery items are no longer standalone pieces but components of larger, more savory foods such as pizza, breakfast sandwiches or pockets.

These savory items include the use of meat and dairy items, which open the door to a host of new sanitation and food safety challenges. Because of this trend, many bakers are leaning on equipment manufacturers for sanitary design that helps them create safe food products without losing any production time.

 “In savory production, bakers need to understand how they have to clean the equipment, when, and for how long,” said Eric Riggle, vice-president, Rademaker USA. “Bakers need equipment to be taken apart quickly, cleaned and put back together — in the same way — as fast as possible to get back into production,” he said. This is especially important for savory products where meat and dairy ingredients can easily build up and cause contamination risk. To address this issue, Rademaker designs all its equipment with features such as standoffs, sloped covers and conveyor frames.

At IBIE, Rademaker is featuring equipment designed with “sanitation mode” that operators can access when they begin cleaning. This mode helps bakery operators efficiently begin the sanitation process. “Our lines are long and complex with as many as three or four sections,” Mr. Riggle said.  The sanitation mode allows an operator to clean one area while product is still being processed further down the line. “Once it clears Section 1, the operator can put that section into sanitation mode while it’s still running product in Sections 2, 3 or 4,” he explained.

This mode and other sanitary design features enable bakers to get the most production time out of a day while still giving care to food safety. “All these things allow you to multitask during production, so when you go into sanitation, you might be halfway done before you even get started,” Mr. Riggle said.

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