At IBIE 2016, AB Mauri North America launches the celebration of Fleischmann’s Yeast’s 150th year.

A special reception today, Oct. 10, and a new celebration logo kick off the 150th anniversary of AB Mauri North America’s iconic Fleischmann’s Yeast brand. The first standardized commercial yeast, Fleischmann’s Yeast was introduced to the US in 1868 by an enterprising Austrian brewer, Charles Fleischmann, and his brother Maximilian. The yeast is now part of AB Mauri’s portfolio of products.

“AB Mauri is a company well-known for our baking technology and commitment to customer service, but we were built on Fleischmann’s Yeast,” said Mark Pendergast, president, AB Mauri North America. “Today, we are kicking off a celebration honoring the brand’s deep history and the future ahead.”

While 2016 actually marks 148 years for the brand, AB Mauri (Booth No. 9919) wanted to share the excitement of such an important anniversary at this IBIE and not wait until next time, in 2019.

 “We are thrilled to be part of IBIE,” Mr. Pendergast said, “and hopefully, we’ve made a lasting impression with both existing and potential customers. There is no better place to unveil our new logo for Fleischman’s Yeast’s 150th anniversary than at IBIE, surrounded by thousands of passionate bakers.”