(From left) Joe Pocevicius, David Kuipers and Hassan Harakeh of Reading Bakery Systems are involved in putting international engineering support into action in the company’s Southeast Asia and China regions.

Because of its growing customer base overseas — especially in Southeast Asia and China — Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) is moving engineering and technical resources into the region. “Previously, customer service often needed 30 to 40 hours to get to some locations,” said Dave Kuipers, RBS senior vice-president of sales and marketing. “By putting resources into these Asian markets, some trips may even be shortened to 3 to 6 hours.”

During the past five years, nearly half of RBS’ business volume has come from outside US borders, according to Mr. Kuipers. The company has long served bakeries around the world and now identifies six business regions: Mideast/Africa, Europe/Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, China and North America.

“We have a factory in Tianjin, China, owned by our parent company, Markel Food Group, where we do subassemblies and stock use parts,” Mr. Kuipers said. “Now, we are establishing an engineering office in that facility, staffed with people who work directly for RBS. And we will be developing machinery in China for bakers in China.”

Mr. Kuipers will relocate to Singapore to manage the venture.