If one is good, three is better in packaged snacks.

Three might be the magic number when it comes to the latest snack packs. As consumers continue to seek out healthy, portable snacks, CPGs and packaging suppliers are developing packages featuring three different snack items for immediate consumption.


Chicago-based Kraft Heinz Co. is one company that has zeroed in on “three.” This month, Kraft Heinz introduces new Kraft Snack Trios. Each easy-to-grip 4.5-oz tray package features three separate compartments, with combinations including Colby Jack cheese, dark chocolate chunks and banana chips; Extra Sharp White Cheddar cheese, dried cranberries and dark chocolate; and Monterey Jack cheese, dried cinnamon apples and granola clusters. Kraft also recently launched a Portable Protein Pack (P3) with compartments of Planters honey-roasted peanuts, sweet and spicy teriyaki jerky and sunflower seeds and is adding other fruit medleys to its growing P3 line.


Sargento Foods, Plymouth, WI, has already gone for three in its snacking options and has continued to expand its line of Balanced Breaks, featuring three 1.5-oz snacks in one package. Each three-pack contains dual-compartment packages with cheese on one side and a fruit/nut/chocolate mix on the other. Earlier this year, Sargento added two new varieties: Colby-Jack Natural Cheese with Sea-Salted Peanuts and Blueberry-Juice Infused Dried Cranberries and Gouda Natural Cheese with Honey-Roasted Peanuts and Dried Cranberries. According to Chris McCarthy, director of marketing, the Balanced Breaks line was the most successful product launch in Sargento history. “Expanding the available flavors is a natural move to give consumers the variety and convenience they want in snacks,” McCarthy said.


Portable snacks remain an industry bright spot. In its forecast of 2017 trends, research company Mintel projects that time remains a major factor in consumer purchases. According to the report, “Consumers' multitasking lifestyles are propelling a need for shortcut solutions that are still fresh, nutritious and customizable food and drinks that offers complete nutrition in convenient formats. In 2017, the time spent on — or saved by — a food or drink product will become a clear selling point.”