AIB International added a profile for yeast-raised donuts to its kill step calculator catalog.

Yes, frying oil gets very hot, 365 to 390ºF. But is it hot enough — and do yeast-raised donuts cook long enough — to achieve the kill step required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules? Now bakers and snack manufacturers can find out and prove it for their own products.

AIB International just added a profile for yeast-raised donuts to its Baking Process Kill Step Calculators catalog. These data-based methods help bakeries validate their food safety preventive controls and accurately document Salmonella destruction in bakery products. All calculators and published research information are available for free download on

Like the calculators released earlier — hamburger buns, whole wheat multigrain bread, crisp cookies, soft cookies, cake muffins and nut muffins — the yeast donut profile it is based on original research by AIB. “The food industry has long believed that all biological organisms like yeast or pathogens are killed in the oven [or fryer],” said Lakshmikantha Channaiah, PhD, director of microbiology at AIB. “Under FSMA, FDA requires proof of that theory; however, prior to AIB’s latest contribution, there was not publicly available research to use as foundational scientific validation.”