Improved moisture retention is only one of the benefits offered by WHT1000 and WHT1500 heat-treated waxy wheat flours from Siemer Specialty Ingredients. Used at 5% flour weight basis, the heat-treated (HT) flour enables higher volume, more uniform crumb and improved sensory qualities. It can extend shelf life up to two days in fresh white pan bread.

The company notes that it mills a special, selected variety of waxy wheat for this flour. It can be described in ingredient legends simply as “wheat flour,” and it is completely natural in source and treatment process.

WHT1000 and WHT1500 join the company’s long list of HT flours, including styles tailored to coatings, batters and breadings as well as conventional breads, rolls, cakes, pancakes and more. For example, the natural heat treatment produces non-chlorinated HT cake flour that is a fully functional equivalent to bleached flour.

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