Oil soluble natural antioxidants are more effective at protecting the fat from rancidity than water soluble solutions.

Minimizing impact

Before choosing an antioxidant ingredient, bakers should consider any impact that it might have on the sensory profile of the finished product. “Some plant extracts can impact final food products’ sensory attributes so you want to be sure you are using them at a level where they don’t negatively impact the flavor or sensory attributes of the food,” Dr. Ankolekar said.

While tocopherols are fairly bland in taste, natural extracts may present flavor profiles that can have either a positive or negative impact on the finished product. “Some natural antioxidants, such as rosemary extract, can have bitter or off-flavor notes associated with the herb source,” said Gary Augustine, executive director, market development, Kalsec. To help curb that, Kalsec developed Herbalox XT to remove bitterness from rosemary so it can be used in more flavor-sensitive baking applications.

ICL Food Specialties offers Licrezz, derived from licorice root extract. In small amounts, this extract interrupts oxidation while not interacting negatively with any other ingredients.

DuPont’s Guardian line of natural extracts includes blends of acerola and green tea extracts that minimize the flavor aspect of those two sources to deliver the antioxidant protection bakers need.

Sometimes, bakers may want the flavor to carry through into the finished product. “Flavor extracts will provide the customary and associated flavor of the extract, which can be a benefit when used appropriately,” Mr. Wyatt said. For example, DuPont’s Guardian rosemary extract provides long-lasting flavor, aroma and color.

To answer a need for minimal flavor impact, plus clean label, for baked goods, Kemin developed its GT-FORT line of oil-soluble green tea extracts. It is truly oil soluble without needing any emulsifiers to solubilize it in the phase it is designed to protect. The high flavor threshold of GT-FORT is especially suited for baked goods which are sensitive to ingredients that don’t fit their flavor profile.

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