The Donut Glazer from Topos Mondial is built for larger commercial bakeries with a continuous frying or conveyorized finishing line for sweet goods.

The glazer is a two-piece machine with an inline, waterfall-type design and a mobile-heated icing tank underneath a glazing conveyor. The conveyor carries the products through a continuous curtain of glaze, which is controlled via special partitioned glaze overflow trough for full coverage on both the top and bottom of the product.

“The dual-partitioned waterfall trough yields a consistent and even waterfall curtain of glaze,” said Damian Morabito, president, Topos Mondial. “The pump and tank sweep agitator utilize the house compressed air service instead of electric motors.”

The double-walled tank features pneumatic agitation and an air diaphragm circulation pump. This machine uses 100% stainless-steel components, integrated in a simple and sanitary design.

“Our glazer features a simple, sanitary wash-down design for fast and easy cleaning,” Mr. Morabito said.

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