The Dry Ingredient Chilling System from Shick Solutions and Linde uses liquid CO2 chilling technology to achieve near instantaneous cooling of ingredients. This gives food manufacturers the ability to maintain high system throughput with limited interruption.

Traditionally, cooling systems have been used to chill flour; however, Shick and Linde developed the technology for confectioners’ sugar. The equipment is designed for icing or confectionary manufacturers that switched to palm shortening blends. Jason Stricker, Shick’s director of sales and marketing, said the lower melting point of palm blends compared to partially hydrogenated oil-based shortenings makes ingredient temperatures critical to the process.

“Our customers expressed quality concerns due to high sugar temperatures,” Mr. Stricker said. “The lower melting point of palm blend shortening means that incoming confectioners’ sugar temperatures above 80°F can create quality issues. Liquid CO2 chilling technology reduces the overall batch temperature, promoting quality and consistency throughout the process.”

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