To meet the continued demand for label-friendly ingredients, MGP Ingredients added a clean-label option to its Arise line of wheat protein isolates. Along with Arise 8000, the line now includes Arise 8100 and 8200, introduced at IFT17, the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Expo.

“Our innovation team responds to consumers and food designers who want the option of being able to select clean label products,” said Mike Buttshaw, vice-president of ingredients sales and marketing. “Along with this, we have the added ability to provide an array of non-GMO offerings. MGP strives to continually keep customers’ preferences our priority as we work to provide on-trend, consumer-driven ingredient choices.”

To make its wheat protein isolate clean label, MGP removed the sulfites, which are also an allergen. To do this, the company’s food scientists had to find a way to duplicate the functionality sulfites bring to the protein isolate. Ody Maningat, PhD, vice-president, R&D, and chief science officer, and his team found a non-GMO agent from a vegetarian source that mimics sulfites. Because of this, MGP could remove the allergenic sulfites and still maintain the functionality associated with wheat protein isolates, including enhanced dough strength and elasticity.

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