Payload plays an important factor when baking companies make multiple stops within city limits. Source: Isuzu

Keeping drivers safe
Driver safety features should be top-of-mind for businesses. Injuries and accidents that occur on the road can be costly — physically and mentally — for both parties. Talk with drivers about features they would like to see included in the truck so they know their safety is top priority.

A large safety concern for drivers in urban areas is anticipating what’s right around the corner. Whether it’s a pedestrian or another vehicle, technologies that can act as a second set of eyes will help avoid accidents.

Mercedes-Benz’ Metris and Sprinter include a Brake Assist System (BAS) that works with its Collision Prevention Assist (CPA) to prevent mishaps. If another vehicle comes within a potentially dangerous distance, the CPA provides drivers with visual and audible warnings. When the BAS senses emergency, it instantly applies maximum breaking power to reduce stopping distances.

Ensuring that drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel can also help reduce risk. Make sure vehicles include ergonomic features such as proper seating and seamless access to cargo. Resist using a one-size-fits-all approach and work with employees to actively identify their needs. Ultimately, a healthy workforce makes for an efficient delivery cycle that can beef up a company’s bottom line.