JetMix from Bühler enables the uniform hydration of each flour particle. Within seconds, JetMix produces a fine and creamy dough.

The mixing, feeding, maturing and cleaning process is easy to control and monitor through the production automation system. “Not only production but also the cleaning cycle can be executed by the push of a button. Smart sensors and production data analysis enable real-time KPI analysis and maximum uptime due to predictive maintenance,” said Michael Tremp, marketing and product manager.

The 3-D nozzle arrangement, even flour distribution and exact dosing of the components creates a homogeneous end product. The design integrates the dosing of dry components with up to three feeders on top, water, the control unit and cleaning elements such as CIP retractors. “Consistent and fully automated production and cleaning that can be traced ensures high-quality of the end product and the process itself,” Mr. Tremp said.

Tests with muffin dough show that JetMix reduces mixing time and energy costs by at least 50%. In other doughs, when directly processed, the kneading energy can be slashed by up to 30%. 

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