Two new Franz Haas wafer systems provide gentle and guided product handling, intelligent buffering and precise cutting even at the highest production speed.

High-quality and delicate products need special handling as chipped edges or uneven cut rows are unacceptable. The HESZ high-efficiency cutting and infeeding system and the HEIP buffering system offer manufacturers a way to efficiently transport delicate products safely to the end of the production line. Andrew Knox, sales and test center manager, Franz Haas, said the HEIP buffering system was designed to eliminate “micro-interruptions” like foil rupture or issues with manual removal and reinsertion of wafer books from production lines. The HEIP handles up to 40 wafer books per minute in stacking and up to 48 wafer books per minute in unstacking. 

“The system acts dynamically and avoids the loss of valuable production resources by keeping them in the process and avoiding humidity absorption or warming up,” Mr. Knox said. “It then puts them back into the process without any damage.”

The HESZ combines cutting and infeeding into one combined compact unit that handles up to 300 items per minute. The HESZ system keeps the products constantly under control by continuously guiding them until they are fed into the packaging machine.

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