After more than 20 years of research into the clean-label applications for tapioca, Ingredion, Inc., brings to market HOMECRAFT Create multi-functional tapioca flours. Listed as “tapioca flour” on ingredient labels, they are clean-label friendly while delivering the functionality of modified starches. 

“Flours are highly recognized and have a superior degree of acceptance, given their association with minimal processing, which consumers perceive to be healthy,” said Dan Haley, director of the global Wholesome Springboard at Ingredion. “The challenge for food manufacturers has been to formulate with flour without compromising flavor, texture or appearance, along with a gluten-free positioning. HOMECRAFT Create tapioca flours help manufacturers overcome this challenge in a wide array of applications.”

These tapioca flours, derived from the cassava root, can provide enhanced texture stability over shelf life and freeze/thaw performance. Not only do these flours assist in texture stability, but they also deliver high viscosity and allow formulators to reduce fat content and improve nutrition profiles of finished products. They can also support non-GMO and gluten-free claims. 

“In the US and Canada, consumer research shows that tapioca flour consistently ranks very high in ‘natural’ perception and acceptability,” said Angelina De Castro, senior marketing manager, North America. With this ingredient, Ingredion provides bakers a clean-label tool when it comes to providing tolerance, texture and stability to baked goods. 

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